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Welcome to the centre for certification of cosmetic products for aromatherapy.
The Aromacert® mark of quality on the packaging guarantees that
the product meets strict standards of aromatherapy.

The art of natural

Preserving the essence, authenticity and purity is the only right expertise with which the quality of natural ingredients can be maintained. Nature in its pristine form is the best cure we can wish for. Our aim is therefore to make sure that everything remains as it is by nature and in nature – this is what we call our art.

Natural pigments
Let the natural product shine in the colours of nature that only natural pigments can yield (e.g. cartenoids, pelargonidin, delphinidin, etc.) These can be either unobtrusive, or can draw attention - with a liveliness which is never garish.
Proper labelling
Natural product is labelled in accordance with applicable legislation for cosmetic products. The list of contents in English language also includes essential oils which were used in the product and the main ingredients, together with their aromatherapeutic purpose.
Not tested on animals
A team of qualified experts from the fields of biochemistry and chemistry stands behind this product, made from ingredients of natural origin and from controlled sources. Therefore its effects are clear and for that, the animals are grateful.
Natural scent
The scent of nature is the scent of 100 % natural pure essential oils. Natural scents open the door to the amazing world of aromatherapy, which enchants us, lifts our mood and is good for our well-being.
Natural emulsifiers
Natural cosmetics contain only emulsifiers from natural sources, which are also suitable for use in the food industry (lecithin, stearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate citrate, etc.) and contain the minimum effective concentration of preservatives.
Natural ingredients
From the first one and to the very last, and from the most obvious to the most disguised – each and every ingredient of a natural product must be of natural origin. In selecting the natural ingredients we chose those which, in their harvesting, represent the least environmental burden.
Artificial pigments
Pigments which are not of natural origin usually appear flashy, shiny and intrusive. Therefore they can be easily recognized and avoided. Artificial pigments can be hazardous to our health and well-being.
Incorrect labelling
Not telling the truth? Not familiar with the legislation? Just being clumsy? It makes no difference to the consumer: an incorrect, misleading or inadequate labelling can be fatal. At the same time, it can be just as disastrous for the image of the brand.
Tested on animals
Testing a product, or its ingredients on animals is unacceptable, no matter how noble the intentions. Even the most innocent laboratory procedures are a humiliation to the dignity of life in the broadest sense of the word.
The world of perfumes is a world of pungent artificial fragrances. It is a fleeting instance of perfection, behind which an invasive harmony of deception and dubious quality is hiding. Every perfume smells pleasant at first, but shortly thereafter it causes a headache.
Vast majority of emulsifiers, the notorious E's, are of artificial origin and are not beneficial to the user's health. Emulsifiers are, alas, a necessary evil of any industrial product, but we tend to forget that there are also emulsifiers of natural origin available.
When a product contains a significantly higher concentration of preservatives, predominantly represented by compounds from the group of chlorines, sulphates, nitrates, nitrites, amines or parabens, we can say with great certainty, that the product's composition is disastrous.


Aromacert® is an independent standard for the certification of cosmetic products, which guarantees the highest level of quality from the perspective of strict aromatherapeutic criteria (naturalness, authenticity, purity of ingredients).

We are a team of experienced professionals from the fields of biochemistry and chemistry and are responsible for the overall aromatherapeutic certification of products, based on which the Aromacert® certificate is granted, ensuring a satisfactory product quality. Since the criteria and rules of aromatherapy and its specific procedures are especially demanding, the quality and effectiveness of a cosmetic product is therefore correspondingly of the highest level.
The Aromacert® mark of quality and all the certification procedures under its auspices are directed towards a single goal: to offer the consumer an impeccable product of entirely natural origin made of such high-quality natural ingredients that they meet even the extremely demanding criteria of aromatherapy.
Each natural cosmetic product carrying the Aromacert® mark of quality will be also published on this website – along with all the data on ingredients and their aromatherapeutic value. The Aromacert® mark is therefore not a mere superficial addition, but an official and unambiguous guarantee of its cosmetic added value.


There are many certificates, which promise a cosmetic product of natural origin. Aromacert® is one of the few local certificates, and, at the moment, the only one privately owned, which is based on the principles of aromatherapy.

The Aromacert® mark of quality is an official guarantee that the cosmetic product is made of 100% natural ingredients, using the lowest effective concentration of the preservatives. Products with the Aromacert® mark contain no traces of compounds with chlorine, sulfates, nitrates, nitrites, amines or parabens.
To ensure the appropriate product appearance and usability it is impossible to avoid emulsifiers. Products which successfully pass the Aromacert® certification contain only emulsifiers from natural sources, which are also used in the food industry (glyceryl stearate, lecithin, stearoyl alcohol, tegomuls, glyceryl stearate citrate, glyceryl lactylate ...).
The quality of such products does not allow the use of perfumes and artificial pigments – only natural variants are allowed to inspire human senses. All products with the Aromacert® mark of quality are animal friendly, since their efficacy was not tested on animals.
Last but not least – Aromacert® contributes to the safety of every user, even the one who should not use a specific product. This is achieved with the appropriate labelling of the packaging, which is in accordance with the current legislation on cosmetic products.


The procedure for obtaining the Aromacert® mark of quality is professional and expert, yet fast and simple. Only four steps are necessary for your product to carry the professional certificate of quality.

A team of local experts (chemists, chemical technologists, biochemists) tests individual components of the product. The key factor is their adequacy for the basic standards of quality, however there are other significant characteristics, such as the appearance and the internal structure of the product. The entire certification research is carried out in a well-equipped laboratory and is adequately documented.
Our trained and officially acknowledged aromatherapy experts will check the adequacy of essential oils (naturalness, purity, origin), as well as their precisely-ascertained aromatherapeutic purpose. In addition, they will determine label suitability, which must be in accordance with the applicable Slovenian and European legislation on cosmetic products.
Each product will receive the Aromacert® quality of mark individually. The principle one product – one quality mark applies here. Each certified product is available to the end user and is also published on our website.
Aromacert® certificate is valid for 1 year. After the expiration, the certification process must be repeated and certification renewed. The cost of renewal is lower.


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